Office Administration and Support

MWV’s office opens Monday to Thursday every week. There you can meet and greet new commers’ support embassy effort, answer the phone and inquiries. There is also liaison with the different project groups and also our Board. There is also the opportunity to learn about grant application, project reporting, Governance filing and also financial management with our financial office.

Project Support

MWV from time to time seeks volunteers to deliver our project work. Students should email chair@virwc.org.au expressing their interest and detailing their request.

Student Placement

MWV where we can and have capacity we welcome students requesting opportunities to complete your placement. Students should email chair@virwc.org.au expressing their interest and detailing their request.


Successful training program – Leadership- building migrant/refugee women voices within their community and the wider community Training for work and providing training for prevention of family violence/gender equity. -Come and support us in the training delivery. Yours Digital skills will be a great help!

Women Circles

There are several issues that impact the lives of first generation migrants. The Women Circles aim at being a social support network for women. The Circles have been successful in bringing women together – learn, friendships and support, information and referral.

Cultural Events Support

MWV Holds an annual event called Mosaic. This is a great opportunity for you to join our events coordinator and part take in this great event as a volunteer.  You are also able to participate in other events where MWV is called in for support.

CALD Advocacy

MWV participates in several forum of peak bodies as well as government aiming at providing a voice to policymaking so we can improve the life of migrants. Advocacy of migrant and refugee women issues- employment, housing, education, health, social inclusion, forced marriage, etc The Forums we participate includes: Ethnic Community Council of Victoria, Federal Ethnic Community Council of Australia, ERA….

Communications and Marketing

MWV has several communications platforms that include: E-newsletter Facebook, Website and. As a volunteer, you can participate as a writer, editor and social media monitor as well as coordination effort in producing our communication.

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